Water, we use it every day in and around our homes for a wide variety of tasks from taking a shower to watering the lawn.  When we don’t have access to our water supply, our household can come to a screeching halt.  Whether the kitchen sink is backed up and you can’t do the dishes or your main sewer line is backed up and sewage is coming into your basement, our team can come out and clear the drain and determine if you have a bigger problem.  If so, we can run a TV camera down the waste water line to determine if your line has a break or if it is not graded properly.  There are a variety of things that can effect your drain line.  Here are a few examples:

  • Blockages – Blockages are often due to grease that builds up inside pipes as it drains from the kitchen sink.  In the bathroom drain pipes, we often see blockages due to things that have been flushed down the drain such as kitty litter, baby wipes, feminine products, and small toys.
  • Flat or Bellied Lines – This is where the pipe was installed without the proper grade or it has settled over time from the ground shifting or even soil conditions.  If part of a pipe sags, it can fill up with a “belly” full of water and sewage.
  • Roots – We often see roots growing into sewer lines which can cause solids not to flow freely through the line.  Sometimes we can maintain the sewer line by routine drain cleaning, but the permanent fix would be to repair or replace the line.
  • Broken Clean Outs – Clean outs are access points in the yard where your sewer line can be cleaned.  These pipes are brought up to the level of your lawn or driveway from your main sewer line and covered with a cap to protect your sewer line from getting debris in it.  Often they can be damaged by the lawn mower when they are located in the lawn.  Clean outs located in the driveway can be damaged by a snow plow in the winter or even by driving over them if the driveway has settled.