Though low water pressure from your bathroom faucet is a bother, it’s a very solvable problem. In fact, the problem may even be one you can fix yourself. Identifying the cause of the slow-moving water is the first step toward making necessary repairs.

Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure

There are a number of things that could be causing your water to flow slower than normal from your sink. Some of these problems just need quick fixes, while others may require you to call in a plumber.

Here are the most common reasons for your faucet’s low water pressure:

  • Clogged screen – Most faucets have an internal screen that collects debris. As this screen collects more and more particles, it can become clogged, thus slowing the stream of water that can pass through. This problem can be fixed by simply removing the screen, rinsing it off, and reinstalling it. You can find this screen right past the screw-off device at the end of your faucet.
  • Shut-off valves – There is a chance that your shut-off valves could have been bumped and accidentally turned to the off position. These valves are usually located under your sink. In order to open them, twist the valve handle counterclockwise.
  • Broken faucet – Though faucets last for a long time, they do eventually need to be repaired. If internal parts go bad, the valves may not open completely, resulting in low water pressure. Though it’s possible to get spare parts and repair your faucet, it usually makes more sense to replace the entire fixture. It’s recommended to call a licensed plumber if you’re in need of faucet replacement.
  • Leaky pipes – If one of your pipes is leaking underneath your sink, it will be very obvious. However, there is a possibility that a pipe under your house is leaking and causing your low water pressure. If you suspect that that is the case, call a licensed plumber to fix the problem.
  • Poor overall water pressure – When you notice low pressure from one of your faucets, check the others. If all of your faucets have a similar problem, you may not be getting good water pressure into your house. In this case, calling in a plumber should be your next step.

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