If your home is currently on a septic system and public sewer is available in your neighborhood, Heil Plumbing can help connect you to the public sewer system! Benefits of moving to public sewer over a septic system include:

  • Not having to deal with the maintenance a septic system requires – Septic systems require regular pumping and treatment, whereas that’s taken care of for you when you connect to public sewer.
  • Not having to worry about the careful handling a septic system requires – Septic systems are complex and sometimes finicky, which means that handling them incorrectly can result in dastardly plumbing problems in your home.
  • Lowering the chance of having a septic back up in your home – Your home is much safer from sewer-related issues when you connect to public sewer.
  • Regaining yard space where you had the absorption area– These are not required when you convert your septic system, so you will have more freedom with the use of your property when you connect to public sewer.

While connecting to public sewer is worth the hassle, converting from a septic system can be a long and complicated process. However, not only can we perform the work for you, we can walk you through the process and simplify your life. If you need to connect to public sewer in Columbia, Ellicott City, or the surrounding Maryland areas, contact Heil Plumbing today—410-921-0339!

Sewer Line Services in Columbia and Ellicott City

Converting to a new major system in your home can make you nervous; facing the unknown usually does that to you. However, you can trust that when you connect to public sewer in Howard County, you will have an expert team of plumbing contractors ready to help service your sewer line whenever you need it. At Heil Plumbing, our sewer line services range from:

  • Sewer Line Repair – If you ever have a clog, if a tree root grows into your sewer line, or your sewer line experiences any other damage, we have the expertise to help you efficiently and completely!
  • Sewer Line Replacement – Our highly trained staff can have your line replaced quickly, causing you as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning – Heil Plumbing can locate drain or sewer damages and get them cleaned out or repaired right away.
  • Sewer Camera Inspections – Our Howard County plumbers use a camera on your sewage system to detect minor problems before they become major problems to save you time, frustration, and money.

If you feel apprehensive about switching to public sewer because you aren’t sure who to trust for sewer line service in Howard County, don’t be! Heil Plumbing is experienced, highly trained, and truly cares about meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Contact us today—410-921-0339!

Our Public Sewer Connection Service Area

We provide public sewer connection services all around Howard County, including Odenton, Severn, Columbia, Clarksville, Fulton, Catonsville, Elkridge, Laurel, Jessup, Ellicott City, Savage, Highland, Halethorpe, Dayton, Woodstock, Scaggsville, and Arbutus, Maryland.