Damaged faucets can severely diminish the functionality of your home and run up the cost of your water bill. Whether you need faucet repairs, or just want to update the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen, Heil Plumbing can get it done! To enhance the efficiency and style of any faucet in your Maryland home, contact us today!

Faucet Repair & Replacement in Howard County, MD

At Heil Plumbing, we have the experience and expertise to repair or replace any faucet in your home. We have been providing reliable faucet services throughout Howard County, Maryland and surrounding areas for decades. We can repair or replace:

  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Kitchen sink faucets
  • Bar sink faucets
  • Laundry tub faucets
  • Outside hose bibs
  • Yard hydrants
  • And more!

You might need to schedule faucet repair or replacement if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Low water pressure: You can’t truly enjoy your shower or utilize your sinks if you’re stuck with low water pressure. If your water stream is not coming out at your desired pressure, you should definitely look into scheduling faucet repair!
  • Leaky or dripping faucet: Faucets that constantly drip are inefficient and frustrating. You’ll want to get this issue taken care of right away.
  • Water stream that can’t be turned off: If you can’t turn off a faucet in your home, call Heil for emergency repair.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: If you notice the water in your shower or one of the sinks in your home is inconsistent in terms of temperature, it’s time to scheduler faucet repair. You want to be sure you can enjoy hot water when you’re washing your hands or bathing.
  • Hot/cold water coming from the incorrect water selection: If you notice the temperature selections in your shower or sink aren’t right, you should look into getting this fixed. It can be dangerous if guests don’t realize that “cold” is actually “hot,” and vice versa.

Why Choose Heil Plumbing?

At Heil Plumbing, we genuinely care about exceeding your expectations, and our extensive plumbing industry knowledge allows us to do just that. Our team of plumbing experts deliver quality work, emergency services, and estimates. We are family owned and operated, and treat every client like they are part of the family too.

Schedule Faucet Repair or Replacement in Howard County, MD

At Heil Plumbing, we can locate and repair any issues with the kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and other faucets in your Maryland home or commercial building. If you are looking to replace your faucets, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. We can help you pick the perfect style and model to suit your home!

Contact us today to schedule faucet repair or replacement in or around Howard County, Maryland!